1973 Volvo 164e (Classifieds)

@redblocksociety.com Take it or leave it? 1973 Volvo 164e. #volvo164 #redblocksociety #redblocktok #carcollectors #carenthusiast #oldcars ♬ Oh Honey - Delegation



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Is this old Volvo worth buying? A 1973 Volvo 164. So 164 is kind of like the Bougie older brother of the 140 series. Some really nice front end stuff going on here almost looks like a Bentley, maybe even a Jaguar looking to impress. Gold is also a nice touch really like these. So the E is going to stand for fuel injected a little bit faster than stock carb set up. This seems to be the second gen 164 meaning it has similar interior as far as the dashboard as the 240 series. Oh Wow, that black leather interior, absolutely beautiful. You're not going to find that on many other cars, especially Volvos. I think it's a decent deal at 4500 mileage isn't really that concerning at all. The body looks really clean. So I'd say take it guys.
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