1981 Volvo 242 Turbo (Classifieds)

@redblocksociety.com 1981 242 Turbo. $2200. You're slacking #carreviews #redblocktok #volvo #carculture #classiccar #oldcars ♬ Lo Fi Chill - OYStudio



Is this old Volvo worth buying 1981 Volvo 242 Turbo manual, but it doesn't run doesn't drive. It's been lowered has some rust, and it's got 200,000 miles. $2,000 seems like a decent deal. Okay, everything's there. It's great start a bind projects when there's absolutely nothing in there. Depends what you're trying to do, just to get her go and you know. Rust, that's really not bad at all. That's the worst of it. You're in great condition there. Okay, you know, there's some spots that need to be ironed out.The hood maybe needs to be repainted. But you get the Voxx rims, those worth at least four or 500 bucks these days. Find a turbo grill, not that bad. It's got all the black turbo trim. Plus the interiors really nice. Not gonna lie, guys. The interior is actually really nice, though. Come on. How often do you find the blue velour like that? This is a take it all day. If you guys don't pick this up in like three weeks, someone's going to take it. What do you guys think? Remember to follow for more old Volvo's. And if you'd like these classifieds, go ahead and click the link in our bio it takes you to the listing directly. It's right on our website.
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