1994 Volvo 940 (Classifieds)

@redblocksociety.com 1994 Volvo 940. Press the button in our bio to get the listing link - press Classifieds. #redblocksociety #redblocktok #volvotok #oldcars #classiccars #carreviews ♬ Sleep Lullaby - Lofi ASMR - ChillHop Cafe & Lofi Chillhop & ChillHop Beats



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Is this Volvo worth buying? At 1994 Volvo 940 in a really nice teal green color and aftermarket rims the bumpers are looking nice and black headlights pretty crispy. Little bit of paint damage on there at the end of the world aftermarket Pegasus rims are rally from IPD looks like a clean car overall just paint damage doesn't look like it has too much rust at all. Really nice interior hard to find them in this nice condition anymore. I've said it many times I'll keep saying it.

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