Volvo History: 1971 164 - Redblock Society Volvo History: 164. #cartok #redblocktok #redblocksociety #volvo164 #carcollectors #carguy #oldcars ♬ Bach unaccompanied cello suite "Prelude" - Jianteng

This is a piece of Volvo history. The Volvo 164, was released in 1969. As long as luxury option to the 140 series, concepts are sketched in the late 50s, named to the production of a total of 46,000 examples from 1969 to 1975, loaded with a three liter six cylinder block engine, premium leather and all the wonders of its time. The 164 is truly a car of class and reserved for the culture enthusiast. This example name old Magda is a 1971 paired with an automatic transmission that was also offered a manual old Magda is carbureted which really gives it that old car feeling although Volvo did offer a fuel injection version starting in 1972. With a small pool of remaining 164s left, I believe this model will become a treasure markingVolvo's first successful luxury offering that spun off into the 262 C and later the Bertone styled coupes.

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