Volvo 740 940 760 960 Pen Tray 3D Printed Replica

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The Volvo 700/900 Series Pen Tray now made in USA and available worldwide on demand. It takes 8 hours to print these using HTPLA Pro filament. It is a functional replica of the original that can be painted with a smooth finish. We can print in black, tan, gray or red filament to match the color of your interior. If there is no stock I will print it on demand. Shipping from New York, USA.

Made to withstand temperatures up to 195F. I am printing using HTPLA which is a specific filament made to withstand high temperatures without compromising the eco friendliness of traditional PLA. Furthermore I am annealing the finished product which makescit even more durable and heat resistant.

I am including a 2 year warranty on this part. If you experience any major defect I will send a new one. 

Tan / Beige