Volvo 740 Louvers + Spoiler

Kit :

Holiday Special Batch #1

Volvo 740 Reproduction Fiberglass Louvers with your a ducktail reproduction spoiler! This is a limited drop with only 10 slots open. Once the slots for this month are filled that is it! Make sure you get yourself into this batch for arrival mid January! Includes a free RBS hoodie, just include your size in the notes!


The louver installs underneath the trim in the rear and as such does not need any mounting kit. We do recommend 3M trim tape just to ensure its locked into place! 

Batch: #1

Amount: 8

Delivery: Mid February


OEM reproduction in fiberglass made in Europe by hand.

Delivered within 4 to 6 weeks once the batch is finalized.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Delivers from Latvia via USPS.

Volvo 740 Louvers + Spoiler
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