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Redblock Society is an enthusiast operated auto shop that specializes in vintage Volvo repairs, restorations, reproductions and part-outs. Based out of Norfolk, Virginia our team is dedicated to keeping old Volvos on the road as daily drivers or Sunday classics.

Straight Out of Sweden

RWD Wheels

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Ocean MK18 RWD Wheel Kits
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240 Body Kits

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240 Body Kit All Body Mods

Parts Department

140, 240, 740, 780, 940

Why Old Volvos?

The Volvos of the late 20th century are the epitome of automotive nostalgia and are absolutely iconic. Just ask anyone, they have a story with an old Volvo whether it was their family, their friend's family or a story about how one saved their life! We love saving these Swedish bricks from junkyards and help keep them on the road for enthusiasts all over the world to cherish and enjoy.


Window Louvers

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140 / 240 740 / 760

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