1984 242 Turbo - SOLD

1984 242 Turbo - SOLD



Phone: 831-316-2579

Email: terash1984@gmail.com

Here for sale is my 1984 242 Volvo turbo. I have owned the car since 2010 I paid $8,500 for it. I really love this car and want someone to buy it that will finish it. As far as the mods and upgrades I will do my best to list them since I got the car from someone who didn’t really list what he had upgraded but I will do my best to list what it has on it.
Engine was swapped to a 93 b230f +t the block had somewhere around 120k on it the head had some problems so I swapped it to a 398 head with the vx came as far as I can remember. It has the stock 84 240 turbo Garrett with the Yoshi fab oil drain and feed lines. It had brown top injectors, 940 electric fan, Ipd silicon inlet boot, besides that it’s pretty stock in the engine…m46 trans, turbo sway bars, bilstein shocks and struts TME lowering springs and brand new Michelin 205 45 Zr 17.  I have 5 total tires that cost me $1000 but one is not mounted on a rim since the rims are hard to find, it has the rims off a 850 t5-r I do not know what they are called, little curb rash nothing crazy.
Inside is what I would call pretty clean not much damage to the inside besides the front seats are ripped up but the springs and foam seem solid back seats are really nice headliner is like perfect, trunk is clean sunroof does not leak but it needs to be resealed on top to make it work better but it does open and close. someone backed into my car and broke the drivers side blinker its not much damage the finder is still fine but it would need a little repair to remount the blinker. Little to no rust that I can find or seen when I say little I’m talking like tiny rust spot that are hard to find and do not effect the car at all and could be sanded right off. The paint on the car is kinda the downside the sides of the car the sides are still nice but the top and the truck and a little of the hood are not in nice shape since someone that owned it before me tried to spray paint it and we all know how that goes. I’m happy to explain anything I can to anyone with question if I failed to explain something don’t be afraid to ask me via email phone or text. 247,864 on the body also has a super rare momo Volvo R sport steering wheel. The Car is located in Santa Cruz CA, Pink slip in hand.


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