Volvo 240 86-93 Ecode Headlight Kit (Skandix) Euro Light


Live photos courtesy of Black VLV Parts at, a trusted source for NOS, NLA and other Swedish automotive parts for Volvo and Saab. 

This Light Kit Contains:

    2 (left and right) European spec glass headlight assemblies
    2 (left and right) European spec turn signal assemblies (half clear half amber)
    H4 bulb connectors
    Left European headlamp trim moulding 1312634
    Right European headlamp trim moulding 1312636
    Mounting hardware
    Two (2) H4 bulbs
    Fits all Volvo 240 models from 1986-1993

About Skandix

Skandix has been a trusted supplier of Volvo and Saab parts since 1994, and continues the tradition by providing hard to find parts the quality discerning customer. Shipping out of Germany, the parts provided by Skandix are a great option for maintaining your classic Volvo or Saab.



    Uses glass headlamp lenses that will not fog up like plastic lenses.
    For replacement bulbs use H83140141
    For replacement H4 connector harness use 4445


ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL. Once you place your order it is in queue for processing. If we have local stock it will be sent as soon as possible but if we are out of stock it gets loaded onto the next boat from Sweden. We order as many sets as you pre order no more no less. Shipping from Sweden can take up to 60 days sometimes but as soon as they arrive it will go out to you from the north east USA.


The only time we can offer a refund is when the item is long out of stock (no arrival) and we can only send replacement upon damaged or lost goods. 

Volvo 240 86-93 Ecode Headlight Kit (Skandix) Euro Light
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